Apartment H

Wilmersdorf, Berlin


Renovation of a 125sqm apartment in a turn of the 20th century building with four rooms and service spaces located around a wide central circulation space. To retain the compartmentalisation yet create a light flooded openness of the spaces, three walls were demolished and replaced by large sliding doors of fine carpentry work that create large rooms yet leave the possibility for privacy and thereby change the perception of the space. In the bathroom the timber structure that replaced the original wall between narrow toilet space and service room contains water tubing, generous storage and the sliding door that separates family bathroom and guest toilet.

The interplay between the traditional separation of spaces and the modern lofty space is also reflected in the treatment of the floor. The original parquet in the living rooms and the terrazzo flooring in the kitchen were restored. Brass panels create subtle demarcations between materials.

Carpentry work by Tischlerei Matthäus & Busch