Wilmersdorf, Berlin


The original kitchen in this turn of the century apartment had been transformed into a dressing room. It was the desire to reinstate the room’s original purpose and to better integrate it with the rest of the apartment. The wall between kitchen and corridor was demolished and replaced by an oversized sliding door. An entrance threshold was created by lowering the height of the kitchen access and locating a generous storage cabinet above.

The original cold storage cupboard by the window was integrated into the kitchen to create space for a bright seating area.

The physical constrains of the narrow kitchen are successfully dealt with by designing tall cabinets and adapting to the irregularities of the existing wall. The custom made carpentry of the kitchen is kept in white with a hint of green to make stand out the irregularity of the original terrazzo that was found under layers of vinyl flooring.

Carpentry work by Tischlerei Matthäus & Busch